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 Online PLUS

the exclusive online program you've been waiting for 

Cleves Fitness Online PLUS

Are you Ready to take your
Fitness Journey to the Next Level?
Look no further, because
we've got you covered.

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Fitness is a Journey

but with consistency, patience & perseverance, all of your goals are within reach.


    Cleves Fitness Online PLUS

    Every month
    saying yes to yourself shouldn’t be hard
    • Monthly Subscription to various workout programs

We Got You

It's our goal at Cleves Fitness to offer the highest quality and variety of online training content at an affordable price. 

I N S P I R E 

It is important for you to feel like yourself every day and we are here to assist you in accomplishing that goal.

W I L L   P O W E R 

You're not alone if you lose your way - we've all been there.

The most important thing is being resilient and getting back on track.

P R O G R E S S 

Whether you need help achieving

a wellness goal or you need guidance, we're here to help.

Our why is you. So, let's do this together.

Athletic Personal Trainer & Founder 

Hannah Cleves

I am a retired athlete and personal trainer with over 5 years of experience working with a wide range of professional and recreational clients.


Science is at the forefront of what I do so you won’t find any fitness influencer trends here, just proven and tested training methods to get you the best results

Every week you will receive 5 workouts that will be split into upper body, lower body and 2 full body sessions. Whenever you need me, I will be there! 

Cleves Fitness Online PLUS members receive FREE consultations with me so I can guide you through your progress in your fitness journey!  

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