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ClevesFit 6-Week at Home
Shred & Nourish

Welcome to ClevesFit 6-Week at Home Shred & Nourish – Your ultimate journey to a stronger, fitter, and healthier you!

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Designed to bring the Gym Experience to your Home, this comprehensive package caters to all fitness levels! 

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Get ready to embark on a transformative adventure that combines the power of our dynamic at-home workout plan and nutrition diet analysis.

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Package Details 

+ 6 Week at Home Workout

Designed by Cleves Fitness Personal Trainer, Hannah Cleves, to produce great results at home with little equipment. This plan has been designed with flexibility so it can fit around any lifestyle and is suitable for all fitness levels and abilities with lots of progressions and regressions. It will hopefully empower you to develop and create your own versions of the programme to do in the future as it will set you up with the building blocks to create effective home workouts that allow you to achieve your goals without the need for a pricey gym membership. This is suitable for anyone looking to increase the intensity, effectiveness and creativity of their workouts.

  • 3 Workouts per week

  • Lifetime Access

  • One-off price

  • Video demonstration links

  • Limited equipment required (Resistance bands + Cables and sliders (optional))

  • On purchase, you will receive an email with a PDF of the workout (including links to the exercise demos) and a copy of my direct contact information for any questions and support.

+ Nourish Nutrition 

Our gateway to a healthier, more vibrant you!

This program is designed to empower you with a treasure trove of nutritious recipes and expert advice on food and nutrition, paving the way for a balanced and wholesome lifestyle.


Discover Nourishing Recipes: Dive into our vast collection of mouthwatering and nourishing recipes, carefully curated by our team of nutrition experts and chefs. From hearty breakfasts to delectable dinners, each recipe is crafted to fuel your body with the right nutrients and tantalize your taste buds.

Embrace a Balanced Lifestyle: Achieving a nourished life isn't just about following strict diets; it's about embracing balance. Our program emphasizes the importance of a holistic approach, encouraging you to savour each meal while making mindful choices.

Nutrition Tips and Tricks: Unravel the secrets of nutrition with our handy tips and tricks. Learn how to optimize your grocery shopping, prepare meals in a time-efficient manner, and maintain a well-stocked pantry of wholesome ingredients.

Accessibility and Convenience: The Nutrition Nourish Program is easily accessible from the comfort of your home. Enjoy the flexibility of accessing our resources whenever and wherever it suits you best.

Transform Your Health: Whether you're looking to manage your weight, boost energy levels, or simply feel better from the inside out, our Nutrition Nourish Program is your pathway to a healthier and happier you.

ClevesFit 6-Week at Home
Shred & Nourish Programme

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